Upgrading your robot

Why upgrading your robot

Several situation may require an upgrade of OpenNAO, the NAO embedded Operating System:

  • you have lost your password and cannot anymore connect to NAO Web page,
  • you want to reset NAO to a known state,
  • a new release is available,
  • something goes wrong and NAO does not boot normally anymore.

How to upgrade your robot

There are two ways of upgrading OpenNAO, one keeps all settings, the other reset all settings to the factory ones.

To update NAO system, choose carefully between these two methods:

If your robot ... Then choose a ...

is booting normally

and you need to:

  • restore the current release or
  • upgrade it

is not booting normally

or you would like to downgrade the current release

  • Complete update in a rescue mode, using NAOFlasher with Factory Reset.