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Aldebaran Robotics at JavaOne

JavaOne takes place every year in San Francisco, and is the biggest conference to discuss Java technologies. After showcasing NAO last year, we were present this year with our new Java SDK, that will come with the next software version. Our goal was to attract new members to join the Developer Program and create new apps.



Our agenda was pretty busy: basically, we had a booth in JavaOne DemoGround in the Hilton Hotel for three days, a technical session on Thursday afternoon in Nikko Hotel, and several interviews to answer to.

From monday to wednesday, lots of people were attracted to the booth by "the dancing robot". Discovering that it wasn't only a nice looking and funny device, but that it was also fully java programmable was for some of them a real surprise. We've answered hundreds of questions regarding the robot and the developer program, and our engineer Dimitri was there to answer more technical questions, and give an overview on how to use Java


On Tuesday, we were invited with the people from Robotswim to have a small talk on OpenWorld Live with Caroline Kvitka. We wanted to have a live dance, but our team was hit by the famous "demo curse" you all know so well.



On Thursday afternoon, Dimitri had his technical session, and on the evening, we had a User-Group meeting at ThoughtWorks. Thanks to Don Nadj, this company had accepted to welcome us and host this first californian user-group meeting. The guys from their team were great, some enthousiasts showed up, some members of the Developer Program were there too (Jaggies, DanMoldovan, Ddeluca). Dimitri did a presentation with a live demo, Daniel De Luca did another and than people were allowed to have hands-on the robot



 We really believe in the Java communities and we will be working more and more closely with them. This is a first step and we're ready to go far beyond that. That's why we hope to see you at Devoxx in november guys!

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